Customized backpacks have different variations in different seasons

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Different seasons, backpack customization will have different changes. Spring is coming, and in the season of all things, you will take off the thick coats in winter and wear bright clothes to welcome the sun and the peach green. The backpack is an indispensable item for work, and of course it has to be re-matched to replace the winter or black or gray tones. Today we start with a custom color match for the backpack and talk about what kind of season and what kind of clothing is suitable for the backpack. How to match the beauty of coordination.


If you are a young girl's working class, wearing blue women's jeans flat white shoes, light blue cardigan, and preferably a cap in the spring season, I believe that you will have a plain backpack on your back. Very good match. That is to say, the coordination of beauty will not have a 100% turn-around rate to make you feel depressed, thinking that you have done something wrong.

If you are a young man, work in a gorgeous business center. Business backpacks are a good choice for you. In a plain casual suit, wearing a European version of brown leather shoes, a neatly shredded hair slightly pick. On the back of a square style backpack with a musical style, you must have a little leather decoration, your image can be said to be perfect.

Of course, in Beijing in the summer, the relative weather is still very hot. It is not suitable to customize what kind of backpack. In fact, the best choice is not to carry any backpack. Usually, a small handbag is prepared to install the mobile phone, key and bank card. There are often small things like that. After all, no one wants to increase the thickness in the season of sweating in short sleeves.

In the fall and winter, it is a good season for backpack customization. At this time, the custom style of the backpack is also very diverse and the selectivity is also great. Business backpacks, casual backpacks, anti-theft backpacks, travel backpacks, hard-shell backpacks, etc. What kind of backpack is suitable for this season, backpack customization and seasonal correlation is still very big, different seasons of course wear different backpacks with different clothes.